Friday, August 22, 2008

Child Humor 2

Just thought I’d write a few more choice tidbits spoken from the mouths of children. Four Letter Words
As a first grade teacher teaching students to read, I was very excited one day, when I discovered that my students were able to put four letters together to form words. Proudly, I bragged on them, saying, I’m so proud of you. You are up to four-letter words now.” Never once did I consider the double meaning until the following parent conference. A close friend and mother of one of my students, with a mischievous grin whispered, “ I understand your teaching four-lettered words now!!”
Growing up Fast
When I was a second grade teacher, I was spotlighting one of my students on her birthday.
“Mikelle, What is your favorite T.V. show?” I asked. “ I can’t make up my mind!” she replied.
That’s alright, you may have two favorites, I comforted her. “Oh good!” she responded, “I just can’t decide between, “Sesame Street” and “Days of our Lives.”
Oops! Where’s Johnny
A teacher colleague of mine, had an embarrassing experience that can only happen to those who teach Elementary school students. While on a field trip to a local bank, one of her little male students needed to use the restroom. Because this certain child often wandered off, she stationed herself outside the restroom door while he took care of business, so as to prevent his escape to other places of adventure. After standing there for several minutes, the restroom door opened. Without turning around she stated, “Alright, Buddy boy, Let’s Go!!” To her surprise, a deep voice of a six-foot nature answered, “Alright, and where are we going?”