Thursday, September 11, 2008

Child Humor 3

Age from a youthful viewpoint
One day during a class discussion, I shared with my second graders that their teacher was also a grandmother. After our discussion, the students settled down to do some seat work and were quietly working as I looked over some of their papers at my desk. Out of the silence, a child blurted out, “Teacher, you don’t look like a grandmother, you look like a mother.” “Thank you,” I said feeling quite flattered. “What do you think a grandmother looks like?” I asked. “She has lots of bumps and dents in her skin,” said a little voice from the back of the room. “Her hair is very white,” a little girl joined in. “There are brown spots all over her arms and hands " said another. Alberto, in the middle row, speaking in his finest Spanish accent, finished our impromptu discussion with, “And she can’t walk so very well!

The Elementary age of Technology
While reading stories my second grade students had written, I became keenly aware of how technology has changed the way students view their world as compared to other students I had taught in the last twenty-two years. A little girl was writing a Halloween Story about how to make wing bat stew. The closing lines of her story were, “If you wish to know more about Wing Bat Stew you will find it on W.W.W. Wing Bat Stew .com.

Spanking Anyone
One afternoon while my grandchildren and their parents were visiting. My four year old grandaughter Kylie was tired and acting out a little. Her mother in exasperation spoke firmly, but sharply to her, Kylie would you like a Spanking?” “ Hmmmm! Said my grandchild in deep consideration,” “No Thanks!”