Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Prepared to be a parent

Was I prepared to become a parent? Now as a grandmother looking back, I asked myself that question. Is anyone ever totally prepared? Never! However all the education and tutoring you can have will be helpful. The education of child development classes I had in college were useful as well as the many self-help books I read. And don't forget Dr. Spock.  Studying and meditating on my parents skills helped, but like so many others before me I thought vainly and mistakenly that I was going to improve upon what my parents did. Many times I heard my mother speaking as I corrected my children. My religious  teaching  probably gave me my biggest success. 
     I remember a rather humorous experience that happened to my husband and I as young newlyweds just out of college who thought we had the world by the tail. Fresh from child development classes, and enthusiastic about our first child, we were excitedly explaining how we were going to raise our first son to some of the members of my husband's family. My brother-in-law, a seasoned parent, finally more than amused at our inexperience replied, "I can't wait until this perfect child is born!" We were indignant! When our first son was born he continued to comment each time he saw our son, "So this is what a perfect child looks like!" In the passage of time, he finally put that sarcastic comment to rest and left us to make our mistakes in peace. Finally, with much love, prayer and sincerity of heart, we through trial and error finally raised two sons and a daughter quite well, though not perfect, somewhat like their parents, whose diligent parents raised them.