Friday, June 5, 2009

My Philosophy about death and the after life.

After a recent death in my family my mind has been focused on my beliefs about life and death.
My feelings and knowledge about death stem from my religious beliefs and my study of the subject and my experience with it. Sharing my feelings with you the reader somehow feels as if it would be theraputic, even though we might not share the same viewpoint.  Sometimes we feel like speaking about death because it is such a curious subject, yet other times speaking about it is the last thing we want to do. So I will understand if you find me a bit morbid. 
First , speaking of life, may I say I believe in God and Jesus Christ. This world couldn't have just happened. I believe their is order in all things. I believe Christ is a loving God who gave us the free agency to choose for ourselves. I believe in an afterlife. I think God wants us to be obedient and return to him in the next life. The scripture are  our book of instructions so to speak. The scriptures can be misinterpreted so we must pray about them as we read them. The light of Christ will speak to our minds and hearts and tell us the right way to live. We will make mistakes of course because we are human. We will have trials. We will be tested, we will grow, we will learn, we will experience joy and sorrow. If we will let him, God will be there to comfort and guide us. Then comes death. Death is hard, but not the final part of our existence. We who are left behind feel homesickness and loss.  Upon death the spirit leaves and the body stays in the grave. We either feel that we won't see them again or it will be such a long time we cannot bear it.  In God's perspective of  time our separation will be short.  We feel it is long. I believe that our loved ones who have passed are possibly right here on earth. We just can't see them.  They are busy working for God and checking up on us. Sometimes they are allowed to communicate to us in different ways. God gives us many chances to become more perfect like He is. When we leave this life, however we will be as far along the road to perfection as we have attained to in this life. We will take ourselves with us so to speak. Some of God's children who are  further along will be happily teaching others, just like on this earth. The only difference is they won't have this glorious body.   When the time comes and no man knows when that is , Christ will appear  on earth.  Our bodies will be reunited with our spirits. We will be glad to have our bodies back. Then comes Judgement day. Time to see what place we have earned in the eternities. God will have given us many chances. Will we be happy in the estate we have earned? 

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Upsy-Downsy said...

Dear friend, what a beautiful testimony. Thank you.